The Rain Chain – Beautiful And Useful

Rain Gutter


Known by the Japanese name “kusari doi”, the rain chain is a unique alternative for the downspout in a conventional gutter installation in Los Angeles. This Japanese invention is both decorative and functional in nature. Normally water that flows through a rain chain is collected in a container or rain barrel for future use or for water harvesting purposes.

Rain Chains: A Definition

Rain chains are a progression of cups made of metal that are tied together with an outlet in each cup for the passage of water. Originating in Japan centuries ago, rain chains are the Asian version of a downspout. Because most rain chains are made of copper, they develop a patina over time that gives them an old-fashioned or antique finish.

Song for a Rainy Day

Any ordinary rainy day will become more melodious if you have a copper rain chain in your midst. Imagine listening to the soothing sound of the rain as well as watch the droplets cascade along the links and through ornate stylish copper cups. In Japanese history, rain chains were used to harvest water for later use. Rain chains not only decorate your landscape they provide an essential purpose as well. Why settle for the mundane look of a vinyl or aluminum downspout when you can add a decorative accent that provides the same function?

Gardening Decor

Besides replacing downspouts with rain chains, you can also use them in your Los Angeles garden. Suspend a rain chain over a ceramic pot or rain barrel among your calla lilies or daffodils. Not only are they a good drain when it rains, they are also useful in harvesting water in your garden for use there.

Wherever you want to place them or their particular use, they’re a very nice item in and around your property. Using a Japanese rain chain can make any stormy day much more inviting.

Low Maintenance

The Japanese rain chain is an appealing item that is low maintenance as well. Besides removing a small amount of leaves, you won’t have to do too much in the way of care especially in the case of copper. Over time, the copper will develop a blue-green patina that will give it an antique look which will even add more to its already agreeable aspect.

Simple Installation

To attach rain chains to your guttering, use an attachment piece inserting it into the hole where the downspout once was set and voila you rain chain is connected to the gutter. Depending on the length of rain chain you purchased, you may need to shorten it depending on your personal preference.

Potential Drawbacks

In some cases it’s a good idea to anchor rain chains down in severely windy conditions. Some retailers provide copper dishes that catch the water and provide loop attachments to affix the chain to the bowl. There may be a little problem with excess weight on the chain in icy conditions. Still, most people comment on the crystal beauty of the links on sunny, icy days.

Rain chains are a wonderful way to decorate the outside of your Los Angeles home. Take some time to shop the Internet. You’ll find a design that will make any rainy day suddenly become cheery and bright.